It's only because of people like you, amateurs like us can even dream of creating any kind of computer software. The place where I come from, it extremely hard to locate someone experienced enough to solve our error when we get stuck. I naively dreamed of making my idea into reality 3 years ago, when I didn't knew anything about coding. 3 years have passed and I am still struggling to make it a reality. But I learned a lot of things along the way and it's all because of people like you. people like you offer their hand to amateurs like us. Help us cross the busy road where no one even cares to stop. And you smile at the end of the cross, giving us new hope, making us believe in ourselves. I am truly grateful for the hard work you have putten for amateurs like us. People like you are my real, practical HERO!! I will never forget the amount of help you have just provided me, you are simply awesome. Testimony on your incredible Youtube video "Production Django, WebSockets, Django Channels 2, Daphne, Nginx, Gunicorn, HTTPS" Thank you so much!!!

This might be the best compliment I've ever received. Thank you! 🙏