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Android Custom Camera Course


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Learn to build a custom camera application (similar to Snapchat).

What you'll learn:

  1. Android's camera2 API
  2. Making full-screen camera previews
  3. Accommodating different screen sizes
  4. Capturing photos
  5. Drawing on photos
  6. Adding stickers
  7. Saving photos to internal storage

The course is available only on CodingWithMitch.com. It's absolutely PACKED with value. I couldn't find any comprehensive courses out there that covered Android's Camera2 API. I hope to bridge the gap with this course.

Impress your co-workers and friends by learning to build a custom camera for Android!

Android Firestore Introduction


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I know some of you have been waiting a very long time for this. I finally created a Cloud Firestore course!

In terms of course content, it's meant for complete beginners when it comes to Firestore. However, I expect you to have a good foundational knowledge of Firebase already. I'm not going to be covering the basics of integrating Firebase into your Android project.

Major concepts:

  • Firestores unique document-oriented design
  • Firestore vs the Firebase Database
  • Firestore security rules
  • Firestore data indexing
  • Firestore limitations
  • Inserting new data
  • Querying data
  • Updating data
  • Deleting data
  • Sorting, ordering, filtering and paginating queries
  • Uploading images, querying images and removing images

The course is available on Pluralsight. Here's a link to the course and a link to start a free 10 day trial:

Firebase on Android: Cloud Firestore

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Not sure you want to invest money learning about Firestore? I also have a free course on YouTube. It's meant to give you a 'taste' of Firestore. Then you can decide if you want to watch the complete course on Pluralsight.

Watch the free introduction course

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I'm really excited that I finally got a store up and running.


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Check out the store by clicking here, click the image of this post, or click the "Store" option in the top navigation bar.

Thanks ahead of time for your purchases! Any revenue goes towards me spending more time making FREE content.

Firebase on Android: Cloud Messaging, Cloud Functions and Crashlytics


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Short Description:

Every app needs the ability to send push notifications to users. Google has officially announced that Google Cloud Messaging is no longer the preferred method to send these notifications. Firebase Cloud Messaging is now the recommended method by Google. In this course you'll become a master of Push Notifications, Cloud Messaging, Cloud Functions and get a bonus section on Firebase Crashlytics.

Detailed Description:

To put it simply, Cloud Messaging is complicated. There are so many nuances that most documentation doesn't talk about.

  1. How do you receive messages when the app is in the background?
  2. How about Foreground?
  3. What about Closed?
  4. How to you build a service class to intercept incoming Cloud Messages?
  5. How the hell do you even send a cloud message? Let alone targeting specific users.

After taking my course you'll have expert level answers to all these questions and be able to implement effective Push Notifications using Cloud Messaging. I'll show you how to send Cloud Messages from the Android client to specific users, how to send Cloud Messages with database triggers, and how to send Cloud Messages using a Firebase Cloud Function.

I haven't seen anything so comprehensive on this complicated topic anywhere on the internet! I'm not just saying this to plug my course. I really believe it's true.

Watch this course if Cloud Messaging confuses you. You won't regret it!

The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide (Book Review)


4.8 / 5 stars on Amazon.com

I just finished listening to the Audio version of The Complete Software Developer's Career Guide and I wanted to take the time and write a book review since I think it will help a lot of developer's, especially junior developer's, student's and those just starting on their software development journey.

I think every single software developer should read this book. The advice and experiences John talks about in this book will shave years off the hardships you'll likely endure. For $25 or whatever you pay for this book you get THOUSANDS of dollars of value. I'd even argue this book is worth more than 5 - 10 years in the work force because it will give you that much wisdom. Obviously it can't give you the technical skills, but you'll adopt the mindset of a mature, senior software developer who knows exactly what their next move is.

John tells you how to do things the right way and how to have the happiest, most successful career possible.

Buy this book (or the audio version which has some awesome extra content). Send me an email to thank me after you read it: mitch@tabian.ca

Some content from the book:

  • How to systematically find and fill the gaps in your technical knowledge.
  • Should you take contract work – or hold out for a salaried position?
  • Should you learn JavaScript, C#, Python, C++, Java, Ruby, Node.js....?
  • Ever notice how every job ever posted requires “3-5 years of experience,” which you don't have? I'll help you solve this problem.
  • Is earning a computer science degree a necessity – or a total waste of time?
  • Coding bootcampssome are great, some are complete scams. How to tell the difference so you don't find yourself cheated out of $10,000
  • and much more…

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