I was a little broke but I really needed the job switch. Was down in a bit of credit card debt so asked my friend for those 40 CAD. I had one goal in mind, to make it out of my current place and gave myself a target of one month. I started off with dagger and swept into MVI a bit of clean architecture as well. Mitch you literally created the best course path for android development one could follow, be it for a junior level job or a senior level job. As for me, being a 2020 passout, I still landed a senior level job all thanks to your carefully designed courses. I would highly recommend this platform to anyone who either wants to start android development or wants to be a master in it. Easily, one of the best decision in my life and would be for everyone else to uses this platform. I'll be coming back to learn compose and KMM. Keep up the good work Mitch. You're a GOD.