poorly explained, not into detail and the courses most of them uses material already present in others and builds on that. also a lot of deprecated and outdated material.. courses are not regularly updated. i feel lost in them, not fully grasping the concepts. the huge use of copy pasting also gets me on my nerves... YOU WRITE THE CODE! DONT COPY IT, YOU WRITE IT AND EXPLAIN IT! not buying again.. waste of money

It can be frustrating at times. I have found the comments section on these courses to be very helpful when there is deprecated code.

All valid points. It's common that I build off previous courses. I copy/paste code I've already gone over. Stuff deprecates fast (that's android for you ;)) I don't update my courses - I just make new ones. Keeping courses up to date is an impossible task. Android changes too much. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience!