Yeah you are a really good teacher. And I like the way you burp! It makes me to concentrate! Please, BURP MORE!!!

what do you think about pre-loading next page? As soon as user starts app it preloads 2 pages. if the user goes to 2nd page, app preloads 3rd one. If the user goes to 3rd page, it preloads 4th. What do you think is it difficult to implement this?

In practice the pagination issue wouldn't be an issue. Since you are the developer. You know what the page size would be.

By the way, one thing. On your open-api course, I you make pagination size more than page size of a website, it doesn't work. For example, change pagination size to 20 instead of 10. Let's imagine website with different page sizes: 1-page 20, 2-page 15 and 3-page 5, 4-page 14. In this case it does not load the last page. Other than, that it would be good to preload next page so that it would be much more user friendly. But I am not saying anything bad. I have just started analysing after watching your course, my best android teacher!!! Anyway thank you again! Sorry, I just like saying thank you:)

I looks I am in a friendly environment with my friend. Thanks for everything, teacher! Thank you!