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updated Aug. 2, 2021

Build a note-taking application using SQLite and the Room Persistence Library.

In this course I teach you the best practice way to interact with an SQLite database locally on the android device. The room persistence library was designed to simplify interactions with SQLite on the device.

This course is ideal for beginners. If you have absolutely zero experience programming on android, or even programming in general, this is the course for you.

Here's what you will see in the course:
  1. Installing java
  2. Installing Android Studio
  3. How to plan the development of your apps
  4. Introduction to Android Studio
  5. Creating your first app
  6. Debugging tips and tricks and the android logcat
  7. Themes, color schemes, hex colors and styles
  8. Building Custom Toolbars
  9. Customizing Toolbar Behaviors with CoordinatorLayout and AppBarLayout
  10. Implementing a RecyclerView
  11. RecyclerView OnClickListeners
  12. Navigating to a new activity with RecyclerView Click
  13. Navigating to different activities using intents
  14. Passing data between activities using a bundle
  15. Passing data between activities using intent extras
  16. Threading and AsyncTask basics
  17. Building custom data models
  18. Custom layouts oriented around custom data models
  19. Using proper architecture patterns with Room
  20. Read, Write, Update and Delete SQLite database transactions
  21. And much more...


If you're a beginner, take the first step in learning to program on android!

Experienced Developers
If you're an experienced developer, you know the most common use-case for a local SQLite database is creating an offline database cache. Well I got good news for you! The Room Persistence library makes it much easier to build a cache. Get to know how the room persistence library works by watching this course.