Great courses, you are doing so good explaining stuff too, you taking time to explain things not just throw some code, thus, we learn the right way, thanks.

You are really good at teaching stuff. I not only learn things faster but also gain confidence as and when I code with you. Hence your channel name is apt. I would like to learn more alongside you and keep doing the great work! I wish you all the best and you are one of the reasons that I have become a junior developer. You are sometimes funny in your videos too! Keep that also!

Bro , you are the best one , who can teaches android.... I wish good things to bee happen for you! Unfortunately i cant donate in your website or buy your excellent exclusive tutorials(because of sanctions of us on my country)....😐 But you are great...plz keep moving Hadi Ghadiri from Iran

Hey Mitch, your videos are great! Right now I am learning Dagger 2.2 and it is really very helpful.

Review for Dagger2 Android Course Simple Love this Course you're too too too great Mitch. Making other developer life easier by gathering all the required information and explaining those things with such simplicity at one platform with any hush and rush is a great thing. You make Dagger too easy buddy.

Great stuff! One of the best android tutors out there! Clear accent, courses are structured and well explained. Covers a lot of advanced android concepts such as dependency injection and mvvm. Thank you very much Mitch!!!

Learning Dagger 2 and RxJava and RxAndroid would have been a nightmare to me until I found CodingWithMitch.com and start learning them with Mitch. Thank you very much Mitch and hope all the best for you in your life.

Best money I've spent, worth every cent. I am already working as android developer, but your videos helps me to improve my skills to the next level

Thank you for your useful courses. I'm getting a new job as a junior developer. Your teaching skill is awesome.

your real life coding examples really helped me make progress in my job i feel safe because someone like u is always here to help

Your courses are like diamonds. Mitch speaks fast enough to not make me sleep, and slow enough to understand EVERYTHING :) Even my English is not very well, i can learn a lot and undersand everything IMO, i prefere to pay once, and have access to every course, than pay every month a lot of money (Poland is a poor country and price is a little high for us) but even with that, i think, I will try out some not free courses, cause you are a really good teacher :) ! THANKS

Really nice job with Dagger course. You're the king.

Just finished watching the Retrofit and MVVM course. Really helped me to get used to with both of them. I'm gonna write my next app using Retrofit and MVVM. Love and Blessings from King Al-Pacino!

nice job!

Your videos really helps me to improve my skills on android

I watched your RXjava & RXAndroid course and now I am following your Dagger 2 course. When I have completed this course I will sign up for a subscription, because I have learned a lot from your courses and that deserves something in return

Five stars are not enough for Mitch. The only Android course online that always inspires me.

Mitch helped me to learn the things easier. Dagger2 and RxJava i have learned quickly with the help of youtube video channel - Coding with mitch.

I watched your course Dagger2. Finally I begin to understand dagger :-). Thanks

Hi Mitch i'm from Colombia, I'm very grateful with you, yours courses are very clear and updated. I'm going to subscribe as member .

Hello Mitch, I am glad that I found your video on youtube. You just saved a ton of time for me and I loved your explanations. Thank you so much for making these valuable contents free.

Hey Mitch! You really help me to understand a lot of things in android developer special MVVM model architecture, learn a lot from you . Now i am watching dagger course. like they said "if you not thank people , you not thank god ." keep going on. Thanks for your effort.

Hey Mitch! You are really doing an awesome job here which is very useful for me like users. Lastly, I followed your Dagger 2 tuts and only here I got a clear understanding of dagger from them. Thanks Mitch!

Hey Mitch! You are great teacher. You content always helped me a lot in understanding the stuff which is quite difficult for me. The way you explain is awesome.

Hey Mitch! I was working on tbis project Smart Helmet: intelligent updates, reporting and accident prevention in my last year of Bachelor's in Engineering and I referred to the Google Maps and Google Places API course and as a beginner it helped me a lot and complete my project within no time. Thanks to you. It was really helpful and beneficial and it helped me a lot .

The lessons are very easy to understand about the Dagger things that confuse me for long times. Great teacher ever.

the best

JavaRx course proved to be really helpful. Thank a lot

I am in the process of moving from Test Automation into Android development and really appreciate practical examples you base your tutorials on. Since I am already in the field it's extremely important to have concrete practical application for every skill/tool as well as follow best practices. Thank you for doing it and from our side we should all purchase a membership to pay back. Great work, keep improving!

Forget Udemy, Lynda or any other platforms with Android tutorials. None will go as in depth with libraries, architectures and examples related to the real world as Mitch does.

Your are a perfect teacher for all level of developers. Thanks you very much for making complex thing simple. I learned a lot from your course.

Mitch is simply the best one stop tutorial point. The way he structures the course, his way of teaching is simply spot on. I manually go to youtube to like the videos I see from the course.

Mitchell has a miraculous ability to deliver information and lectures really is invaluable, I enjoyed the high quality and excellent explanation and scientific material which is rarely an explanation

Really enjoy all of his courses. I've learned a lot of new things just by watching his FREE content and will definitely buy a membership very very soon. It changed the way i code, the way i structure the code etc. Thanks for amazing contents that you make!

Mitch course on dagger 2.2 is the best thing about Android dependency injection and the dagger itself. I was pretty aware of the concept of DI but didn't know how it works on Android. Even after reading quite a lot of different sources, I got the full picture only after Mitch course. Highly recommended if you are looking for clear concise and practical understanding of dagger on Android. Thank you man!

Even with years of experience, I have chosen Mitch to accelerate my learning. He saved my valuable time by picking up the best implementation from various resources. Mitch's courses are simple and tangle free with industry-leading best practices in mind. He's a good teacher with a charming attitude. Most importantly he constantly helps his audience all the time.

"codingwithmitch" this is the one-stop solution for Complete Android and other developments. Let's say you want an android job and want to learn Android, Mitch has all the courses that will fulfill your resume. No matter in which level you are, he has everything from beginner to advance. He will teach you in such a way that you won't need to watch or buy any other course on those topics, and the best thing about Mitch is he will always teach you using the latest Technology or method available on this time. And the teaching style? Its the best I can bet. And the course fee? Once mitch said, "Its less than the amount mitch spend to feed his dog"

Your courses helped me a lot in being a better Android dev. Since Android has launched Jetpack, I was searching for courses related to Architecture Components but there are no courses on the internet related to that but your courses. And literally yesterday I passed my Associate Android Developer exam and got the certificate, thanks to Florain and you for being on the intenet.

your screencasts are the best, your coding flow is amazing, I only learned from your courses and tutorials and I was able to start my career as a freelancer.

Your videos have been a massive help in launching my career as an android dev and making personal apps!


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