Mitch helped to walk through the Dagger Perfectly.

I started an internship 5 months ago doing AS, was completly lost until I found this website. Now im working developing apps, thanks so much for the content you do.

Hi mitch, awesome material. Really god god job done. Congrats!

Thank You Mitch. Your Dagger course helped me to understand how it works

Thank you, Mitch. Your Dagger course really helped me to understand how it all works.

Learning a lot about Android thanks to you, gonna start looking for a job soon and I wouldn't have been ready if it wasn't for your courses. Thanks a lot!

Mitch, your videos really helped me in work specially dagger course, Thank you very much and keep going.

Thank you for your tutorials. Especially about Dagger2, I found the tutorial in youtube and by far the most helpful tutorial I watched for that library.

Thank you for wonderful courses. Your explanation is mach more helpful than other similar service. You help me a lot for updating my android Engineer skills. Great Job!!

Mitch, you helped me become a better android developer. Thanks you very much from Viet Nam ^^

Extremely great content, very good explanation step by step, good going Mitch keep it up. This courses helps me a lot in learning new and tough topics like Dagger, Rx etc. Great Job!!!

this is what i need

I have been working professionally as an Android Engineer for over two years now. Mitch's courses have helped me learn new topics and stay on top of what is new on the Android community. Not only have I learned about best practices in the industry, but I feel like I'm part of a society in which I can get support whenever needed. Mitch is excellent at making complicated topics easy to learn. Thanks to him and the community he has built, I was able to learn the necessary materials to get my Google's Android associate developer certification. Thanks for all the hard work, Mitch!

Thanks for being there for us. You are awesome.

great videos great explanation thanks a lot for your effort

Great Video. I've watched dagger course and it's amazing.

YOU ARE AWESOME TEACHER. I'm always waiting your every updated videos, after I saw your first video!

Hey! Mitch Mitch help me to get a job, thanks for that. I needed help in Dagger injection and interdependcies principles and comprehension and he helped me really deep on it. I hope you would be recognised for that, and you will goes on.

I have built an App and have deployed on iOS to date. I need to build the same functionality on Android and believe me I have extensively researched various courses, tutorials, etc.. and have found Mitch's content to be the best I can find. Mitch is clear, and his examples are relevant. Although I can find various tutorials focusing on a single aspect of my App, Mitch provides tutorials which brings all these things together, so they work much better, and the code is easier to maintain. In fact I signed up for some of the paid tutorials and I wasn't disappointed and can say it was a good investment, and would recommend.

I watched his entire Dagger 2 course, was well-explained. thanks!

Mitch is a great Android Developer and Instructor who follows thoroughly explains the what and the why of his development process. I really appreciate him as a resource for staying current on new Android support libraries and best practices.

All I want to say is your explanation is crystal clear ^_^

I'm really enjoying your REST API with MVVM and Retrofit 2 course. I have took other courses in android before visiting your website so I can say your courses are way better. keep up the good work. Thank you

Hi Mitch Thank you for your online course in android It's really helpful for me to learn Rxjava, MVVM, and Dagger2

Este comentario es para todos aquello de LATAM que tengan dudas acerca de pagar por la subscripción, les recomiendo ampliamente el contenido de codingWithMitch es en verdad el mejor contenido para aprender muchas tecnologías útiles en android y el ingles técnico es muy fácil de entender!

Mich helpe me to became a pro android developer! Thanks Mich!!

nice course, very detail, very clear. I finally understand the dagger2 from you

Mitch help me became better android developer , and his content is best thing online about android tutorial, im just started dagger course and its awesome, with so much love from iran and thanks mitch

I'm halfway through the Dagger2 course and I must say it's by far the most comprehensible course on dependency injection I've ever seen. It's a complex topic but Mitch is an excellent teacher. Apart from his teaching skills he's got a great accent which is a big plus for me as I'm not an English native speaker. I will definitely watch more of his courses.

Mitch is one of the best Android Developers who teaches from the ground level by showing practically and also by solving real-time problems. I would recommend joining the Android Community where he and other developers share some great ideas about the topics and content.

Best Android courses online, helped me build many real world projects.

Courses content are really awesome

Mitch is Awesome. thanks a lot for making a dagger course free. Learnt a lot of things and clear concepts. Thanks a lot.

I really appreciate the courses and all the input that Mitch brings to the Android ecosystem :)

I just have taken the Dagger 2 course by mitch and i can say he is very professional because how he explained Dagger (dependency injection framework) like difficult top in a very simple way that now i can completely create my own Android app using Dagger even in Kotlin, however the course was in java but mitch explained very well. Thanks Mitch!

The most current and complete Android course out there. Mitch carefully explains what he's coding and why so you're never scratching your head like WTF.

Awesome Courses. Really helped me out to understand the concepts which are not clear before. Especially The Android Dagger 2 course. Love it!

It really helped me to understand the code after reading a lot of blogs

Mitch Really helped me understand dagger with android, I've watched tons of videos and read tons of blogs, but could not put the puzzle pieces together, but mitch saved my life :)

Mitch 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


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