Hi, I am Mahdi and I saw the Mitch's course about Dagger 2 on youtube. By far, it is the best course about Dagger 2 that I have ever watched. I have watched tons of videos and tons of articles but this was the best for me. Thanks for your content and keep up the good job.

I was an android developer for 2 years. And for some personal reasons, I had almost 1 year of gap from working full time as a developer. I wanted to get back to Android Development but I felt outdated. Mitch helped me to get updated with a new Android technologies get my confidence back. I have started to apply for jobs and I feel like I'll get where I want to be soon.

Great tutorials, Mitch helped me a lot!!

Really Amazing Tutorials

This is awesome, your explanations are very powerful and concise, I love the fact that you break every point into bits and this makes every topic you teach easy to comprehend. #mitchtabianrocks

You helped me a lot Thanks Mitch keep up

Great course! It helped me understand DI

You helped me to understand Dagger Hilt and other main components of Android. Thanks a lot

I just wanted to thank you or this fantastic course .

Started as a new developer and struggled with learning Dagger Injection, this course has helped me a lot

One of the best courses I've ever seen. Thanks a lot, Mitch!

Solving my problem cost me days with just one tutorial. Thanks a lot.

I can't find cancel subscription in edit subscription page any help?

Great Job, your are the best

Hi Mitch. Thanks to your tutorials. It helped me in my technical interviews and coding exams.

He explains all the concepts in a very easy-to-understand manner. Have learnt a lot from his YouTube videos. Would definitely consider purchasing one of his courses if I absolutely need to buy one πŸ‘πŸ‘

Hey dude, you have useful courses. I am currently learning Dagger from your course. Dear mitch help me to find a job :)

Started Android last year. I usually spend most of time searching for topics here and there but his playlist are often my destination for quality lectures/examples. I was struggling to understand dagger 2 for like around 4-5 months. But now just a week into his dagger 2 course and making notes of them, I can understand technically almost all of the dagger 2 blogs out there. Thanks Mitch

His clean architecture and MVI course have been the biggest contributor for me to crack interviews and assignments. Sometimes these courses can feel a bit "overengineered" but all in all mitch's courses are 11/10

I started my career by watching his videos. I still remember the first lessons I got from his videos and after couple of years in my career. I am still watching his videos for learning. Keep going champ.

Mitch you are great. method of explaining things with short sweet way. Love you way of talking explaining things and humor. I have learned 3 courses and learning more. Also I am going to buy premium membership for paid courses because i think its great way to learn modern trends and development of android. thanks a lot for you stuff and hard work. its really a great help and means a lot to me.

Mitch helped me to clear my doubts about Dagger2

This great stuff. Thank you very much for your valuable courses. I am going to be a member soon.

Hello everyone! I just finished the MVI course and it was amazing thank's so much for this amazing tutorials dear mr mitch

I must say mich you are my hero, I have learned a lot from you man, and your courses are the best really, Thanks a lot cause of you I ma able to pursue the career I want, thanks really.

thank you for help i Know what should do now

Lessons are taught very clearly and precisely! Thank you for the great content!

I got my dream job, and my new boss recommended CodingWithMitch to learn their architecture. The courses were very helpful to prepare for this new position.

You are the best person sir Mitch 😍😘😘😘

Great Course! Great for Beginners. Thanks! complete the ritofit other http request please

I can`t cancel my subscription on Edit Subscription page. Any help?

Great Course! Great for Beginners. Thanks!

Mitch's tutorial are one of the top Android courses on Internet. He is very generous person and always quick to reply to queries

You are great man. Everytime I see your vidoes I learn something new

Just finished Dagger2 course. Big thank you!

Just finished the Django chat app course and learned a LOT! Thanks, and keep up the great work.

Hey, hope you all doing great! I just wanted to share my unbiased opinion about Mitch and he's courses. The courses that Mitch has been providing in these years are literally the best courses that you'll need to understand different programming concepts! Before I found about CodingWithMitch, I went through a lot of courses but end up getting confused. These courses not only help you get your next job, but also can help you get a raise and promotion! (; tbh I'm about the get my second promotion in this year thanks to MitchπŸ˜ƒ

Hey Mitch, Been watching your tutorials from sometime and learned alot from you. Keep up the great work also you way of explaning is so good no extra fancy musics and all. On point conversation πŸ‘Œ

Great stuff man keep it up!

Thank you so much


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