thank you for help i Know what should do now

Lessons are taught very clearly and precisely! Thank you for the great content!

I got my dream job, and my new boss recommended CodingWithMitch to learn their architecture. The courses were very helpful to prepare for this new position.

You are the best person sir Mitch 😍😘😘😘

Great Course! Great for Beginners. Thanks! complete the ritofit other http request please

I can`t cancel my subscription on Edit Subscription page. Any help?

Great Course! Great for Beginners. Thanks!

Mitch's tutorial are one of the top Android courses on Internet. He is very generous person and always quick to reply to queries

You are great man. Everytime I see your vidoes I learn something new

Just finished Dagger2 course. Big thank you!

Just finished the Django chat app course and learned a LOT! Thanks, and keep up the great work.

Hey, hope you all doing great! I just wanted to share my unbiased opinion about Mitch and he's courses. The courses that Mitch has been providing in these years are literally the best courses that you'll need to understand different programming concepts! Before I found about CodingWithMitch, I went through a lot of courses but end up getting confused. These courses not only help you get your next job, but also can help you get a raise and promotion! (; tbh I'm about the get my second promotion in this year thanks to MitchπŸ˜ƒ

Hey Mitch, Been watching your tutorials from sometime and learned alot from you. Keep up the great work also you way of explaning is so good no extra fancy musics and all. On point conversation πŸ‘Œ

Great stuff man keep it up!

Thank you so much

Great stuff man. I learned a lot thanks to your tutorials

really really good courses thnks alot , i d download all of your videos on youtube , If I could pay, I would definitely do it, but unfortunately because I live in Iran and there are banking sanctions and the value of money here is very low, I can not help you financially, please continue recording videos because you are a good teacher and you provide well And the worst part is that I can not use your non-free courses in any way because there is no way to pay in Iran tnks dev.mojafari@gmail.com

Approachin KMP without your tuorial would have been wayyyy more time consuming and guessworkish. Thanks for the great course!

Thank you so much Mitch for creating Dagger tutorial, its the first time I have understood it so clearly despite multiple attempts. Thank you again!!

your courses are the best. I try to watch others' videos but you know, if I want to understand a subject completely I prefer to learn that from you. only can say thank you Mitch :)

He is literally The best teacher I've ever had. also a very nice person. All courses are easy to understand and professional. best online courses for you if you want to find a good job.

Great Course

You helped me tremendously! No words, just thank you Mitch!

Your courses on Android are one of the best resources available to the entire Android development community. The examples, the explanations, and the projects all are top-notch!!

Your courses have seriously helped me improve my skills as an android developer and you are an extremely good teacher. Respect!

Mitch helped me be better developer. Thank you mitch

I want to say Thank You. Courses about modulerization and ui testing with jetpack amazing.

Thank you soo much for all this amazing content it helped a lot

thank you mitch you help a lot to understand many principle of programming, and a lot of issues about android, and i hope you keep going make a nice and free videos LOL....

Great tutorials.

Your course inspired me and it's really boost up my skill. Thanks and Love forever.

Your course on dagger was great, well explained.

Your hilt tutorials are awesome!!

Mitch, i'm coming from the Jetpack Compose for begginers course, now the Hilt course... awesome and very clare explanations!! Compose blows my mind, and you makes very easy my learning!! Thanks for all!!

It was really great . You are a great developer. Your training helped me a lot and I learned a lot from you. Thank you for your help and for allowing me to have an account. I hope you always good luck

Thank you, you are a great developer. I learned a lot from you.

Mitch!! you are great.. your tutorials are very understandable and helpful. They helped me understand the Android internals and made me a good developer.. Thanks a lot for you hard work

The courses are really amazing. The overall breakdown of course and the structure he provides are fabulous. Really liked your way Mitch :D

Wow just finished the Modularizing Android Apps course and very good content and excellent delivery. Cleared up lots of questions and now have a much better idea of application structure end-to-end

I cancelled my Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Netflix subscriptions and got Mitches subscription instead. Unlike a lot of other online tutors, Mitch is actually really good at explaining tough concepts. Really inspires me to continue coding and also improve my coding skills.


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You are great

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The best

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You are great sir. You clearly teach every less...

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Quality content & great at explaining concepts.

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You are simply the best!

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Your teaching skills are lit .Easy to the under...

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When I started learning Android I had a lot of ...

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I really find the stuff great.

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Good job , I really like it

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Dude is an angel in my life. I joined an It com...

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