Dagger course has been really helpful to me.

I have been in android development for more than 4 years but i have never came across the content you serve and the way you explain all the concepts. You are simply great man.

All course are so much helpful to better understand all principle in programming, especially for Dagger2.2 and RxJava.

All course are so much helpful

Tu curso de dagger 2.2 Android me ha salvado la vida, sigue así, haces un excelente trabajo, 100% recomendado. Saludos desde México

Hi, I want to add one suggestion. fist show the data in RecyclerView using LiveData & ViewModel. then you can add other features. Now you are adding Executors for Background Tasks but you haven't shown the value in RecyclerView yet. I mean complete 1 feature show result in Emulator/Mobile then proceed next topic. Thanks in Advance.

Awesome content bro keep it up!!!

Great courses focused on real examples. Thanks Mitch!

Excellent Tutorial , Way of explanation is excellent, Thank you mitch

Great content and teaching! I am having a hard time understanding Dagger2, but with your videos, I finally understand how it works. Thank you!!

you are a nice men. thank you. you video help me.

I don't think I ever gave a review before let alone this one - YOUR'E A LIFE SAVER! AMAZING CONTENT! Don't think I can thank you enough for the dagger course!!!!

MVI Architecture was a GREAT course. Thank you so much for sharing that content !!

Great content and equally neatly explained. Enjoying learning following these courses. These courses helped to clear my concept of several complex components, libraries, and architectures in android. Looking forward to learn more from future courses.

Clear and neat explaining. I'm attending your Dagger course on youtube and finally Dagger is starting to make sense for me, thanks Mitch!

Good job. Great testing course

Excellent Tutorial , Way of explanation is excellent. Thats why i have taken Paid service. Make tutorial for kotin ASAP pls.

Perfect site with perfect courses !

Perfect Courses! What I was looking for in months, you explain complex topics in such ways that even beginners like my self understand it with ease! thank you

Mitch help me get a job! (jk) Thanks for your videos, I have to say that you helped me understand dagger2. I'm pretty sure all this help would be rewarded in the near future. Once again.. Thanks!

Hey Mitch, Best Explanation. Your tutorials helped me to understand lot of complex concepts. Thanks you!

Thank you for helping me learn major things on best way. Keep it up! Thank you :)

Man your are helping a lot more people out there with your teaching.. Keep up the good work.

Best tutorial ever. It helped me a lot.

Hey Mitch, I started watching your courses from Pluralsight, and now I'm here in your personal course Repository😊 You're simply awesome. The way you explain complex concepts and go on to demo them is so amazing. Thanks for your impact in my coding journey. Your Contents are top notch 🔥

I was watching the Daggar android playlist on youtube just came here for thanking you for helping coders out there you are doing a great job and your videos are so simple. I don't know how you know where exactly I am confused. I will be buying a premium membership in a couple of days. This is Ritesh from India thanking Mr.Mitch for helping everyone to learn and grow.

courses thought by Mitch helped me a lot to learn how to implement Dagger , RxJava and many other things in real world projects

Just finished the dagger course. It was exceptional and was very helpful for me. Now I have become a fan of mitch Thanks Buddy for this free and amazing course.

Mitch helped me learn lots of stuff!

Mitch, thank you very much for your hard work on making a high-quality learning content! I've learned so many things thanks to you. I especially liked your MVI and Django courses. I would be grateful if you make a course about Coroutine Flow.

Just began with the course of Dagger 2 and m already in awe with your teaching method. Showing practical examples along with the best practices which are generally followed in open-source projects, THAT IS JUST GREAT! I genuinely respect the time and effort you put to prepare these videos. Kudos to you man. Can't be more grateful.

Mitch, I even became a member ;-) Great content, keep it up!

Great Set of Videos...really helped me with dagger in android ..thanks a lot Minch!

You really helped me with Dagger, Thank you very much :)

Great teacher. Highly recommend

First of your tutorials are amazing and BTW please explain the ui behavior and material design :)

mitch is rocking!

Dagger become very easy with me now thanks a lot mitch <3

You did an impossible thing - I think I understand Dagger now! ;) Thanks!


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You are simply the best!

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