I've found the best in depth videos at Mitch. Like RxJava, Google Maps, Dagger. All are explained brilliantly. Thx.

Moving to Android programming from PHP, jQuery. The way Mitch explains in his courses are great. His code examples on GitHub are easily understandable. Thx Mitch, you are a great help.

Mitchell Tabian is Just Amazing just the way he is I'm so Thankful Mitch you are astonishing Sir

as always Mitch produces great content weather you are a beginner or an experienced. He does the homework for you and presents the details in a simplest way.

Simply your are amazing mitch. Your every video touches my heart... :-p great personality and amazing teaching skills.

I tried understanding dagger before on my own using documentation and videos but i was never able to figure it out ! Thanks to Mitch i was able to understand it and integrate it in a class project that i'm continuing for release ! Great job to him

I love his courses, soon joining as a member

Great work, keep it!

I studied dagger in various online materials but i couldn't understand completely .I thank Mitch for making complex dagger into a simple and easy thing to learn. Keep doing new courses in future as well. All the best Mitch.

Your Android Dagger course is really good. Every time I searched for Dagger topics I stumbled across the old way of coding and the Android Dagger way and it became a mess in my head. Your course helped me to understand the differences and learn faster. Thank you very much!

Your dagger course was exactly what I was looking for. The way you explained was amazing and now I really have some good concepts. Grateful for the time you spent on this course. Hoping you would come up with more great stuff.

I learned so much from you. Thank you for amazing courses.

Your dagger course is pretty amazing and awesome, you are a HERO to present this framework by this amount of clearness and professionally

Watching Mitch's youtube videos on dagger and really finding them useful and well organise. He makes it really easy to understand. Keep it up Mitch.

Great content and presentation. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn or improve their Android skills.

Great courses and you are amazing teacher.

Thank you Mitch

Great Job , Great Explanation , Great Person and help me a lot

Great video, Greate courses!! I want to subscribe premium account too.... Very Very Excellent!

You are just amazing and your tutorials helped me a lot in understanding Rx Java, Dagger and other things.You explain everything in very detail with picture representation that's truly amazing. I also learned that how implement any logic with a with better way by your tutorial. Thank you so much and keep posting courses. Love from INDIA

High quality videos that should be paid. Many students aren't from rich countries so they can't subscribe to premium lessons. So Mitch has done a great job by giving access of some of them for free. Which is very smart from him. Keep the good work.

You are not going to find any higher quality Android video tutorial courses than what Mitch makes. This is as best as it can get and just enough without being too verbose. I'd even say Mitch makes these courses better than official Google Android Developers courses. Thank you

Awesome content!!!, really liked the presentation

Great job!

mitch is very good instructor he helps me more than any other instructors thank you very much for all good courses her i love you

i wish i could get back the college fee and give it to mitch.

Mitch has a really amazing way to explain the course topics. I followed a youTube course of his that became my grounding in android development. I got my bachelor and helped with getting a job ! Hes awesome :)

Mitch your courses are very helpful. They are simple and easy to understand. Thank you for such a great contents.

All the courses designed by Mitch are very helpful.

Thanks for great Contents, so sad, that i'm not able to get those membership or donate, since i'm living in a country which won't support any foreign payments. :(

Mitch is a great developer and teacher. I really enjoy his courses, He is always very clear and makes difficult topics easier to understand. Thank Mitch!

Mitch is really really awesome developer his content is excellent thanks alot Mitch for helping others

Mitch make learning dagger very easy for me.

I could finally understand how Dagger 2 works. Thanks Mitch for your awesome videos! I will put in practice all I have learned in a personal project.

Mitch helped me Complete my College Projects and improve my skills as an Android Developer because of that now I have a job, perform well in interviews Thank you

Mitch taught me so much when I started to build my career as an android dev 8 months ago. I still remember one video I was watching over and over again to fetch the sql.Now I've got 2 job offer even doe I didn't apply they found me through linkedin for sharing my projects. Thanks Mitch :)

One of the best developers and teachers I have ever seen, thank you for your great tutorials you really helped me improve myself. Again thank you from Egypt 😁

the best

I'm an iOS developer and now have to switch to Android development. The problem was that all the books right now are outdated because Google keeps changing "best practices" every several months. After buying tonnes of books and watching lots of YouTube and Udemy/Udacity courses I finally found this great site. I think this site can become something like Ray Wenderlich's site is for iOS developers. Great job and great tutorials.

Interesting courses but there is always room for improvement. Kudos to you Mitch, I appreciate your work.


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