Currently rewriting an app from scratch and your video provide so much help on the current best practices. Very helpful ! Thanks a lot!

The google documentation on Dependency Injection using Dagger 2 is so useless. Thanks for explaining it in simple to understand terms. Looking forward to many more such tutorials.

You and your teaching style is awesome and understandble for any person.❤️❤️❤️

Such a help! Explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.

I've learn a lot from you. This courses was great specially to the beginners like me. Thanks a lot MCTC(More Courses to come)

I recently released an app for my company, primary on the back of Mitch's courses. Android is constantly changing and although even these courses seem to quickly date that's just the nature of Android. From my perspective as a web developer making a mobile app for the first time, I found this invaluable. I've just signed up for a second year.

Hi mitch you are my idol but i dont have money to pay .Could you send me some video in kotlin to learn your coding style

Mitch is an amazingly clear and coherent teacher who is able to make courses that explain in an almost perfect amount of detail what people would need to write their own code well and know the reasons behind the code they write. I've been learning from Mitch since last October and it always good stuff! Keep up the good work!

Learned a lot of good stuff from his courses and youtube videos which really helped me a lot. Keep up the good work man. Appreciate it.

Thanks to you Dagger now seems a lot more easier than before.

Got the right stuff I realy wanted. Thank you for your awesome class Mitch.

Great presentation Mitch, understands the concepts perfectly. You are doing a great work

Your site is amazing, your courses help me a lot. from Brazil!!

Thank you for the courses. Honestly, it is very helpful for me in running my career in android application development.

Worth the money, and I've only been a member of his course for 15 hours. He teaches best practice even though he could more simply get away with not doing so. Highly recommend!

Thank you for good pronunciation, I even can understand something:)

Mitch is the best Android instructor i have ever seen , all the courses are so good quality with excellent English I recommend all of his courses also the premium one and thanks again Mitch your videos helped me a lot in my career <3

One of the best teachers I would recommend for android developers. I hope soon I will land on my dream android developer job with the help of your video tutorials. Your content is truly awesome with great explanation.

the company where I work is using Mith videos to train me on DI and I love the videos, it is helping me a lot.

Just completed the Dagger course and Mitch is hands down one of the best. The explanations are great and things which aren't related to the topic, such as caching or MVVM are provided in different courses or videos which Mitch points out. I really have a much better understanding of Dagger now and will be using it extensively in my projects.

I had tried to understand Dagger a couple of years ago but, not succeed. After then Mitch came as a hero and explained everything by his Dagger 2.0 course. Thanks to Mitch for helping me.

One of the best courses out there, a lot of content, everything is understandable for non native en speakers.

Dagger 2 course helped me complete an assignment for job requirement. Thanks a ton

I'm taking part in an kotlin Android internship, if not you I would be completly screwed. Definitely gonna donate <3

I watched your video on "Production Django, WebSockets, Django Channels 2, Daphne, Nginx, Gunicorn, HTTPS" and it was extremely helpful since I could not find any real reference on how to deploy Django-channel. Would it be possible to have your help on how to deploy Django Channel on IIS 10? Thank you

This course is very good for android developer. Mitch show us the latest best practice and the updated api. keep going, please make video about using some tools in android studio, find memory leaks, etc.

I like the way mitch explain things, the content is not heavily edited so it feels natural and easy to understand, he took a concept that i struggled with in the past which is DI and made it super simple to understand, Cheers mitch.

Mitch sir Your contents are really great, please make a videos on uploading and downloading files using work manager or Job Scheduler .

Really awesome content, Mitch! Thanks so much for providing such a high quality content for free. Lots of people are benefiting from it. I especially enjoyed and learned alot from Dagger 2 course. Dagger has a really steep learning curve but your in-depth explanation and well-planned examples really helped in digesting it. Again, thanks a ton for all the effort you put into the courses. Gonna join as member for sure. Respect!

you are great. I want to find job in a big company and hope I can with help of your contents

Your contents are really great and of high quality, just started watching your jetpack compose tutorials and after each video i get to learn something cool. Thank you very much👍

hi friend, I think I can call you a friend. the man who taught me the most important thing in my life is my friend, and the man who taught me very difficult and complicated topics is my friend. so, I hope you doing well and keep doing this nice job. If I need to ask you to do something, I would ask you to make more practical courses such as dagger course. thank you a lot and have a good time.

It's only because of people like you, amateurs like us can even dream of creating any kind of computer software. The place where I come from, it extremely hard to locate someone experienced enough to solve our error when we get stuck. I naively dreamed of making my idea into reality 3 years ago, when I didn't knew anything about coding. 3 years have passed and I am still struggling to make it a reality. But I learned a lot of things along the way and it's all because of people like you. people like you offer their hand to amateurs like us. Help us cross the busy road where no one even cares to stop. And you smile at the end of the cross, giving us new hope, making us believe in ourselves. I am truly grateful for the hard work you have putten for amateurs like us. People like you are my real, practical HERO!! I will never forget the amount of help you have just provided me, you are simply awesome. Testimony on your incredible Youtube video "Production Django, WebSockets, Django Channels 2, Daphne, Nginx, Gunicorn, HTTPS" Thank you so much!!!

I want to say thanks a lot to Mitch and his content. I've recently got a job at Junior Android Developer position and a lot of my skills I've got from Mitch's courses.

Hey hey... Just to say thank you Mitch! I've learned a lot and solved countless problems with the help of your videos. Thanks for the awesome content.

I want to say thanks a lot to Mitch and his content. I've recently got a job at Junior Android Developer position and a lot of my skills I've got from Mitch's courses. I really like how Mitch explains the material, no matter complex or easy. And one more advantage I want to point out - that's his accent. I'm from Ukraine and enjoy his perfect accent :)

Mitch is really awesome teacher. I wasted a lot of time searching Dagger2 tutorial on the youtube but no one was good. Eventually found Mitch's channel and the tutorial was just awesome. Thank you!

Shout out to every guy who wants to build up a great foundation in android programming: Mitch's the best by the way I have no idea why the average rating here is 4.99 but he truly deserves a 5 star

Thank you so much Mitch for your knowledge.

Thank you so much for your lesson on the tutorial. God bless to you. You help programmer like me.


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