Excellent contents and great didactics, I am always learning a lot with your videos, thank you

Really doing great job.

we love it

Mitch, your content is definitely in my opinion within the top 3 of Android development on youtube, I wish all the best and I won't hesitate to recommend both your website and youtube channel to anyone I know in the Android community, you just make it look simple. Thanks a lot for that!

I learned a lot from your video. Thanks a lot.

The best

Mitch, you helped me to crack my job interview!. learned a lot from ur video.Really doing great job. Thank u.

Mazza, kayf, daxshat, ajoyib. Very amazing. From Uzbekistan

I learned a lot from your video. Thanks a lot. You are really doing a great work.

You are really doing a great work.

It's really a great work.. you helped me with many advanced topics

your way of explanation is great sir, these tutorials help me a lot to upgrade my skill.you have just simplified all the concept in such a simple way its amazing, thanks a lot sir

Dagger 2 Tutorial is very much helpful to me. I have been struggling to learn it . I'm sure that your videos will be very much helpful to me for my interviews.

I had a really tough time learning MVVM architecture. Mitch's courses really helped me out and now I can actually understand a lot of opensource projects written in MVVM architecture. Thanks a lot sir.

Great courses and great guy. Definitely recommend his courses, clear explanation on every process

Great work sir. Thank you.

You are great man! I've been into Android for 3 Years but unfortunately i didn't do much android for 1 - 1.5 year and one day i got to know that google has changed many things over the past few years like: Architecture Components, introduced kotlin. I was very confused to where to learn. One day i've found your video on youtube and started to learning android from your channel. To be very honest you helped me alot. I'm just in love with your content. Today i've watched your video "6 reasons why not to work at amazon". To be very honest before watching your video i thought i was the only one in the world who doesn't wants to work for someone and also don't like commuting every day. Nonetheless i've found someone like me. I'm totally in love with your content. Much love from INDIA

Great videos, man! They are helping me a lot! I'm on the trail of Dagger 2, but I intend to do many more.

I am a professional Android developer and have been working in the industry for over 6 years and I still get a ton of use out of these videos so they are absolutely worth your time.

I was founding it start Dagger 2 since lots of things got changes, read a ton of blogs but still, my doubts weren't getting cleared. The moment I have taken the Mitch dagger course, it gave me a practical view with detailed examples. Looking forward to reading the other courses by Mitch. Thanks a lot Mitch for helping the developers like us.

The Android Man!!

Really I don't know how it is happening.. Once I saw your videos it will be in my memory forever. Very good contents. Keep Rocking

Your courses are Good and helped me to understand the concepts easily and in-depth. Thanks, and continue the good work.

Highly Recommended!!! Your Content helps me to get a Job as an Android developer Bravoooo Thanks

Man of knowledge I would say.

Really nice content, I would like even more If you can speak slow down because sometimes is hard heard you and write code at the same time. But the content is amazing!!

Hey Mitch, You are really doing a great job. I have learned a lot from your course.please do more videos .Thank you

You are a man of knowledge.

Great content and explanation. Please keep it up!

Hey Mitch, I really like the way you structure your courses and how you explain things, very easy to understand. Thank you

Thank you Mitch

Hey Mitch, Your video lectures are of great quality content that helped me a lot in getting through some of the most difficult topics of android. I wish you great future ahead.

Hey Mitch, You are really doing a great job. I have learned alot from your course. RxJava and Dagger2 course are the one which upgraded my skills to a next level. Your contents are amazing and your practical examples are excellent. Thank you for being a awesome technical teacher. BIG THANK YOU!!

Hola Mitch, actualmente estoy viendo tus cursos que hablan acerca de dagger y estoy aprendiendo demasiado, gracias y saludos a todos!!! :)

Mitch, You helped a lot to me in building up my android skills. Happy Coding:)

great work . i m your fan .

Thank you bro

Great Teacher for beginners and pro's alike! keep it up!!!

I wouldn't be even a half good Android Developer without your lessons and videos. You are doing a great work Mitch!

Thank you Mitch, I'm new in jetpack library. your videos help me a lot


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