Just began with the course of Dagger 2 and m already in awe with your teaching method. Showing practical examples along with the best practices which are generally followed in open-source projects, THAT IS JUST GREAT! I genuinely respect the time and effort you put to prepare these videos. Kudos to you man. Can't be more grateful.

Mitch, I even became a member ;-) Great content, keep it up!

Great Set of Videos...really helped me with dagger in android ..thanks a lot Minch!

You really helped me with Dagger, Thank you very much :)

Great teacher. Highly recommend

First of your tutorials are amazing and BTW please explain the ui behavior and material design :)

mitch is rocking!

Dagger become very easy with me now thanks a lot mitch <3

You did an impossible thing - I think I understand Dagger now! ;) Thanks!

I am watching your courses and improving myself in Dagger 2 with Android. Thanks a lot, Mich.

Thank you so much Mich. Your courses are really helpful.

Your course Dagger helped me a lot in understanding dependency injection in Android. It made me a better developer. Thank you, Mich.

Thanks Mitch your couse helped me a lot by showing real time examples.

Thank you so much Mich. Your tutorials are very nice and help me to learn a lot. Step by step tutorials and easy to understand.Thanks

cảm ơn vì những khoá học của bạn

Mich helps me to understand Dagger and a lot of great things with that course. Thanks a lot. Please make other courses free of charge if possible due to the Coronavirus quarantine.

Dagger the Mitch way seems interesting. Finally understanding dagger.

وربنا بحبك يعم

from egypt well done ...you are doing a great job

Mitch finally helped me understand Dagger, I had given up on learning it.

Yo, these are the most in-depth and down to earth tutorials on Android testing I have ever watched so far.

hello Mitch, I am from Iran.Because of your cruel president (Trump) Iranian people are under terrible sanctions, we don't access global bank system to buy your courses!! I see all of your free videos all of the are great!

I am very impressed with the breadth of knowledge and plain, simple teaching style. This is down-to-earth information for anyone to learn Android! Also, I realized that not only are there many stellar courses, but there are a TON of blog posts and YouTube videos. A GREAT way to stay current with Android development!

I went through your Dagger 2.2 Course and really liked the way you had structured the course.

Woow, awesome lectures. I really like your courses. the most important reason that I am following you , is that your courses are always in the same page with google samples, so it is trustable and of course you are a great teacher.

thanks a lot mitch

Awesome courses! This guy explain advanced topics in a simplified way.

I found this site, very usefull, the videos are done very well and the explanations are very clear and useful. Good job Mitch!!!

Your videos on Dagger were incredibly helpful, Mitch! Googling these concepts didn't help me at all - I couldn't have gotten anything to work had I been doing it on my own. Thanks a ton!

You are great, Mitch

I learn to generate boilerplate code "logt -> private static final String TAG" from your 7st dagger video. It is a useful trick.

The best video

Next level helpful

Mitch's MVVM course helped me to build an app that I always wanted.

Mitch's content is worth the $. He has been a lifesaver for my new job, for which I had to learn a @#%-ton of new stuff quickly. When you need someone to "walk you through it" and "just freakin' explain it" so **it** is not so weird and overwhelming (Dagger, I'm looking at you) then Mitch is your guy. Thanks, Mitch!!!

You are Awesome..!! You made Dagger so easy to grasp.. :) :)

It's awesome how you can make the explanation clear, concise, and the most important, really helpful for me the newbie. Hope for you all the best man

Sir Mitch helped me to learn and understand dagger 2. I am planning to apply what i have learned on my own project. Thanks a lot Sir!

I'm french, I am starting learning Dagger, and I hope that I can combine and understand it with viewmodel. Thanks a lot for time spend to this course.

The work on the Android Navigation Component was excellent


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