Very Good Lecture.

I am an android Engineer and it seems that your content are really awesome, the clarity you have in concepts and the way you present it really helpful. Your playlist in itself is self complete, no need to refer somewhere after watching your playlist. Thanks for the content and very amazing work

The best man I have ever seen The best teacher I have ever seen and the best high-level training courses I have ever seen

The BEST Multi-Module course following the Jetpack libraries with Compose. I wish that all Android developers watch this course and implement this at your work.

Great Dagger2 course. Worth the $.

You are rock man. Your courses are superb. Now I study dagger2 with your course and at the beginning it was very confusing but after practising it became understandable. Mitch I need to ask you something. Can you make a course in kotlin about sockets, video calling messanger or chat app without using firebase?

I am happy that I have access to this clear and anderstandable course. As Mr. Mitch said I have planned learning from beginner courses, to more advanced ones. I really appreciate his job and effort. He deservs more students and more income. Mitch you literally created the best course path for android development one could follow. As for me, this platform to anyone who either wants to start android development or wants to be a master in it. Easily, one of the best decision in my life and would be for everyone else to uses this platform. I'll be coming back to learn compose and KMM. Keep up the good work Mitch. You're a hero!

Great courses and instructor, I got my first internship by watching his free tutorial on Youtube and this website. After that, I paid for the subscription and it hugely impact on my career now.

Superb work . Thanks for sharing the knowledge in such a precise manner. :)

As a senior android developer, Mitch is one of the 3 people I watch to keep up with what's new in android. For new comers and beginners, here is what you can expect from Mitch's courses: 1) Well thought out tutorials 2) Clear Explanation of what is what and why 3) Clean Code (IMPORTANT) 4) It helps you to be Job Ready (Unit Testing, DI, Architecture, etc...)

Hey Mitch, Just want you to know that mentioning you in my interview got me the job. Thank you so much for the very clear explanations on your FREE courses. It is always refreshing to watch your videos.


Mitch helped me a lot with Rxjava, Dagger. I love your courses bro, They are built for beginners.

Best explanation always with clean and well sorted vision for beginners to learn.

Dagger course is amazing, thanks

Well, watching from Minas Gerais/Brazil, you are taking me to my next level, probably in some time, a senior developer. So, just the best. And now, let's continue with hilt classes to improve my DI, Thanks Mitch

Just finished MVI Architecture course. It was perfect. Learned a lot of new things. Going to watch clean Architecture next. Thank you for such amazing courses.

I have been watching your tutorials, and I have polished my Kotlin skills. You led me to the biggest projects. Thanks so much, Mitch

I was a little broke but I really needed the job switch. Was down in a bit of credit card debt so asked my friend for those 40 CAD. I had one goal in mind, to make it out of my current place and gave myself a target of one month. I started off with dagger and swept into MVI a bit of clean architecture as well. Mitch you literally created the best course path for android development one could follow, be it for a junior level job or a senior level job. As for me, being a 2020 passout, I still landed a senior level job all thanks to your carefully designed courses. I would highly recommend this platform to anyone who either wants to start android development or wants to be a master in it. Easily, one of the best decision in my life and would be for everyone else to uses this platform. I'll be coming back to learn compose and KMM. Keep up the good work Mitch. You're a GOD.

After seeing Mitche's code I get to know that how professional codes are written

Hey Mitch, i wants to buy a specific course of KMM , can I do it without taking subscription of month

can you help me with conf port 80

I think with your great videos I will get my dream job! Thanks <3 <3 <3

I got a job with this site .. thank you dear mitch

I really enjoy the Dagger course, thanks a lot man

Your courses are awesome, good knowledge and awesome English speaking, You are a good man bro

I'm Brazilian and I'm learning a lot from your's courses. Thank you a lot and keep doing this great work.

First of all this guy is so good that if I were a girl I would marry him every time. Talking about his course, he makes these courses with full hear and so much love as if he is learning himself. Zero complains absolutely perfectionist and each time his video comes up, he kills every time. We definitely need to support him and promote him more so that he can come up with such great quality content forever for us. This guy truly deserves it. Other part is that, since I am from country that does not support international payment I requested Mitch on instagram to grant me the course because I cannot buy it, and he is so much of a great guy that he immediately provided me the course with just one message request from me. I am not going to forget this favor and I would definitely try to give back more than what he gave me. Cheers Mitch.

I'm learning what I couldn't for the past year, and you made it super easy to understand. Thank you, Mitch, <3


Great job!

Hey man your are amazing I'm learned a lot from you

THANK YOU MITCH FOR THE BEGINNER COURSE FOR COMPOSE AND MVVP. When someone asks me to teach them developing android. I would highly suggest this cause I feel like this is must stepping stone towards to be an Android Developer.

Mitch thank you a lot, I really enjoy your accent and your topics helped me a lot.

Hi Mitch, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate the helps you have been doing via youtube recordings. I have learnt multiple things in Android from you which helped me to grow in Android App Development. Thank you so much!

Hello Mitch, I want to congratulate for your excellent courses and content. You are really good teaching, explaining and making easy complex topics. I just subscribed for the monthly membership but i think that i will continue learning with your courses for long time. Regards

Hello, There are so many videos out there but if anyone is interested in clarity and eloquence, you are probably the king of that more especially for those with medical background like me. We are worlds apart but you have been right there taking me through deployments and everything else django

You are brilliant sir.. Your videos helped me a lot.. Thanks for making these videos

Dude is a rockstar. Have been following his content and learning a lot from Youtube and have been an avid subscriber from his first older SQLite course. Everyone covers basics apps but only Mitch covers what happens after you have learned the basics. I am proud to call him my Android mentor and a great friend as well. So my 5 stars are for both his Android content and nonyoutube personality.

You rock! Literally, you are one of the best I've seen so far that makes such practical courses, smooth and simple English that everyone could understand. And one thing I love the most, you don't just give an irrelevant example for new stuff (as most people do on youtube), but instead, you give a practical example in a real situation. Thanks, and I wish I met your channel years ago.


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You are simply the best!

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Your teaching skills are lit .Easy to the under...

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When I started learning Android I had a lot of ...

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I really find the stuff great.

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Good job , I really like it

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Dude is an angel in my life. I joined an It com...

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