Watched Dagger2 course for now and Mitch explained the topic really good and a lot of things was much clearer than before. He had great recommendations for other resources of information. With nice examples and coding he shows everything useful while using best practices and building something usable or at least base things on which you can continue developing something of your own

Assalmu Aleykum Mitch Thanks very much for your attempt to provide useful courses. I am getting a job with your great help!

Mitch excellently teaches knowledge and explains complex things in simple language. I wrote my applications based on examples from Mitch's courses and this helped me get a job. Thanks!

You are a man of knowledge!

I watched his dagger2 course and he was a blessing for me in understand a such hard topic. Thanks Mike.

I learned so much from you thanks for everything

Very good explanation.

This is a brilliant/complete course on 'Testing in Java in Android'. If you need other courses, such as on RxJava or Retrofit, they're there too. This has been a great investment in time/money.

Hello Mitch, im Rodrigo from Brasil. Thank you very much, you helped me a lot with your youtube videos.

Thanks Advance move.

Mitch is great! His lessons realy helps to understand complex things about proggramming. Magnificent work!

Mitch is a geek. His videos on Dagger 2 helped me to implement it in a project.

Mitch is very talented guy, he helped progress into my career

Every single course is awesome, explained well and aimed on logical goals.

Hi man! Watching your courses about testing, awesome! Thanks for wonderful videos !

The courses are damm good and really help me a lot

Mitch courses helped me to understand mechanics of some staff in java world

Mitch courses helped me understand complex things very smoothly like Dagger 2 in Android.

Mitch's course really helped me understand a lot.!! Thanks!!!!

These are best courses on Android on planet and helped me so much. Thank you Mitch

The best tutorials which I have ever seen. For example Dagger is one of the hardest part in Android. But watching Mitch's tutorials it gets easier. Thanksss for all these tutorialsss :))

High-quality tutorials and a very helpful community. Keep forward!!

Really enjoyed the courses Mitch! Loved them, very constructive and detailed courses

Really enjoyed your courses Mitch! THey are great!

Mitch, I completed the dagger 2 tutorial on youtube course was amazing but I want to add some point who are new to the dagger 2 first of if you want to jump on this tutorial read little bit about basic of dagger else this course is not helpful for you and I want to add some reference link for beginning 1)If you want to Hindi tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhbhbIN2jwQ&list=PLj76U7gxVixQJBjtUG2DWDsNi5tdT5XbI 2)if you want to English tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ_qek0hGkM&list=PLrnPJCHvNZuA2ioi4soDZKz8euUQnJW65

mitch helped me improve my code skills on my projects. tnx :)

Mitch you are helping me to organize my own code structure. Thank you very much to make these videos.

I liked mitch video specially his way of break down topic and kept balance between theory and practical Thanks, Mitch you are doing such a nice job

You're my role model. Thank you very much!

Hello buddy. I am an Android programmer from Iran. Your technique and work are excellent. In my country, it is not possible to pay internationally, I cannot use some training. Please help me.

Thanks Mitch! You created AWESOME courses! I learned a lot, too!

Great courses, I learned a lot, thanks.

Mitch is a super cool guy.The best thing is he tells us that if u dont understand it now then dont worry, u are not meant to understand it now. This gives a lot of support when u r feeling dumb cuz the stuff is going over your head. Mitch's content helped me make my project and also helped me get an android developer internship. I am so thankful to u mitch. You are an awesome and great guy.

For me, it was the best Dagger course I've ever seen ! Good Job ! 👏 👏 👏

The courses that Mitch has offered has helped me to take my skill set as a developer to the next level, be it a beginners course on android architecture component or an advance course like the dagger 2. Although, Mitch's content is of supreme quality the best attribute of his courses is his teaching style, truly exceptional! p.s. He is just like that one teacher in your university that you enjoy learning from and could listen to him all day.

You help me to over my nightmare! thank you mitch!

Very nice and helpful course. You have explained complex concept with ease. I have already recommended your course to all of my known android app developer. Keep up the good work

Just finished your dagger course. It's just amazing and to the point. Thanks

helped me a lot with writing more readable and clean code and better understanding for the popular concepts in android, Thanks dude you are amazing !

I was desperately looking for examples of a Dagger implementation with MVVM and i have found Mitch's course on youtub x1000 times explained better than anywhere else and in Java.


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