Great courses, great YouTube channel. Wish you all the best and hundreds of thousands subscribers and testimonials.

This is real awesome please do a complete CRUD operation

Dagger series is awesome , thanks for sharing free knowledge

Mitch is a god sent angel. He teaches a lot of high value content for free and some paid courses which are extremely helpful. Thank you Mitch

Hi, Mitch. Thank you very much for videos about Hilt, Dagger, Testing. It's very hard to understand these topics for me. But you helped me with that! I got a better job.

Mitch provides a really great content, Keep Coding, Keep Helping.

Mitch provides the best Android dev courses I've seen

It was a really good decision to pay the 30 CAD. I was tried to help as soon as I had a question. I watched the tutorial on Django Channels. Unfortunately, things were explained a bit quickly from time to time and you might have had trouble following the tutorial, but otherwise really very good. I have learned a lot through this tutorial and can only recommend it to everyone :) So from me there are 5 stars and I will recommend it :)

Mitch is a living legend. Really though, this dude has helped me out a lot!

Thank You Mitch for your easy to understand explainations on each and every topic you teach. You are a Great teacher

Nice Course help me to get job

When I am confused about dagger, I am very thankful that I saw the Dagger2 course, and I am grateful to Mickey.

Very much helpfull

Just finished the real-time chat course and it was fantastic. I learned a lot from it and will be applying everything I learned to my project. Mitch has a great teaching style which makes it easy to follow along and not get bored. Highly recommend becoming a member. Looking forward to trying out some of his android courses in the future

Learned the Dagger2 with your help, thank you so much!!

Sir i Am See Your Tutorial . you are tech very easy and clearly thank you so much sir.

lessons are true awsome

Mitch is a great teacher. Just started learning Dagger and his course on the subject helped me understand all the complexities of dependency injection. Thank you!

Hi, i am learning Dagger 2.2 :)

Hi Mitch ! I am from Bangladesh. Your videos(Dagger, MVVM,Instagram Clone) is help me a lot. Specially the Dagger playlist help me a lot. Thanks for your hard work.

I'm new on my job and you're helping me to not panic!

Great way to explain things

When it comes to Android App dev learning, Mitchs' contents is by far one of the best and the best money I ever spend on eduction. It plays a vital role helpming to land Android Dev job; I highly recommend to all! Thanks Mitch, you are simply a legend!

As a Junior Android developer, Mitch's content helped me a lot to make better codes, cleanner codes and, principally, understand how Dagger works - and how to work with Dagger. I really recommend to all developers to take a chance to this source of content.

I really enjoyed the real-time chat course. It was money well spent and mitch puts in a lot of hard work making quality tutorials that are easy to follow along with provided resources in the description. Looking forward to trying out more courses.

Mitch's contents have helped me a lot since I decided to become an Android Developer. It is always a reliable source for me with its quality contents and insightful explanations.

Helped me in getting a better understanding of the dagger DI

MVVM course is amazing. You are awesome dude.

I'm getting ready to get my first job as an Android Developer so I'm watching everything that you have on MVVM and Clean Architecture and I think that you have the best tutorials on the Internet so far. Everything is up to date (unlike people that change titles and dates on old tutorials and put them up as new), great quality, your explanations are really good, not boring and the best and most important thing is that you are always positive and excited to teach. Thank you so much Mitch for everything.

Thank you! Please don't ever die

pretty useful tutorial. I like your approach, step by step, so that I can follow up. :)


Mitch you're so GREAT!

I took the python-Django real-time chat app, and it worth it. Mitch teaches you how to use Django channels well. The course is great to learn about WebSocket in general.

The Best android courses in the world ? Surely, its confirmed and proved. Mitch is superb instructor with phenomenal knowledge and helped me in understanding the tough concepts like Dagger and Rx. So, thank you for your wonderful and amazing efforts.


Mitch helped me to find solutions to many questions

Awesome courses. The best courses I took were the Hilt Dagger2 course and MVVM Recipe App (Jetpack Compose) course. Highly recommended.

Learnt quite a few things about unit testing! I think you should create a course on setting up the CI/CD pipeline also. (Like how many tests passed/failed, code coverage etc)

Awesome courses! The social network is the most comprehensive Django course out there.


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