Very helpful lectures. Thank you, Mitch

The Powerful Android Apps with Jetpack Architecture has to be the best android course that I have ever learned. I have been a android developer for 5 years and iOS developer for 2 years but I have never made the jump to android architectures or got into jetpack that much. The courses in this site helped me grow my knowledge on design patterns and the android framework as a whole. Definitely looking forward to the courses that mitch has in store for us and hopefully I can get a high caliber mobile dev job which will put the skills I learned from these courses to good use.

Dear Mitch, Thanks for making video. I have seen u r making very helpful video for us. Its easy to understand, ur way of explanation is excellent. I have learnt many topics from ur video. Keep it up. Thanks :)

Really liked the Dagger2 course, helped me very much... Great instructor :)

Thank you Mitch for helping us understand these frameworks you've been great help

Watching your dagger tutorial and its great. Thanks

Amazing, in just few videos i can say you have done the amazing job making these tutorials. Thanks man.

i found what i was looking for in your courses specially dagger 2 so thank you soo much

Good job! Keep going!

I stared watching your videos since I watched your instagram clone tutorial and I have to say, you are the best Android tutor I have even seen. I have watched many videos on MVVM, MVI, RxJava, RxAndroid, Coroutines on Kotlin, Architectural Components(Navigation), Unit testing, UI testing etc on many websites and I didn't get a clear idea on any of these until I watched your videos. So, thank you very much and keep posting these awesome videos.

I love your dagger 2 and Rx java tutorials.Thank you for the tutorials.

Thank you Mitch for these really comprehensive tutorials and blogs that put me to a much higher dimension for Android development. I don't regret becoming a member at all. Thanks

You are just a Fab, addicted in a short while. Keep posting for us.


Really enjoying the topics and your teaching style!

Your Dagger course is a master piece thanks.

Thank you!

Thanks Mitch for such a wonderful tutorials.

Mitch is the best android teacher ever! Thank you. You laso seem like a cool guy to hang with :)

Mitch Helped me to get a job!!!!

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge! I am enjoying lots the Dagger2 course! The pace and your accent makes everything easier!!!

Thank you for being a very good teacher and having a very nice accent. You and CodingInFlow are definitely among the best android teachers on the whole Internet. Little hint for the future, keep in mind that some users (such as me) follow you from China and sometimes it's difficult to follow your videos uploaded on Vimeo/Youtube when the VPN is not working so maybe do a little research among your subscribers and if there's a fair number of people following you from China please consider using another video hosting platform

Many thanks, Mitch for the Dagger 2.2 videos training. It's really an eye-opener.

Mitch I salute, am confident to take my exams for Google android associate, this courses made me profession! Now I can take a big project with a huge confident

Sir, I'm so grateful that you have made Dagger2 android specific tutorials which helps me to understand many Dagger2 concepts. Really Love you Mitch :)

I am watching the Dagger 2.2 and its really good.

Mitch is the best. So just started learning with your tutorials and long way to go. Thank you :)

Hi Mitch... It's been a while I've started learning new stuff in android among which I found dagger2 quite challenging and many many articles from medium and other websites didn't really helped.. then I found your course on youtube 'Dagger2 in android' and yeah. that was exactly what I wanted. a complete course for learning new stuff in android with emphasis on dagger2. thanks a lot, I am so gratefull

Hi Mitch your tutorials in wonderful, thanks a lot.

Mitch You are a good man. Your videos help me a lot. Thank You! Also its a good practise to show yourself during a tutorial.

Really good tutorial. Respect

This is definitely the best unit testing course. It's really extensive. It shows how much thought the author put into this. Just lovely.

Just working my way through the UI testing course and I have to say you did an amazing job with this one, Thank you.

The contents are amazing. The way in which Mitch is conveying the content is awesome. I like the dagger session a lot. I have been trying to learn dagger for a long time, some tutorials in the market are horrible theoretical others are just code. But Mitch's approach seems to be in between. I like it a lot and is helping me.

Nice Video for Dagger2 ... it helps lots. Can you please make some on TDD with MVVM?

Mitch is the reason i am not intimidated by Android development.

I was beginning to feel the despair of learning dagger Until I found your tutorial, because of you I could understand dagger now Thank you and keep the good work

Your courses really helped in in so many topics, you're a hero. Keep it up.

Simply amazing Mitch ! Great Videos. You tutorials are one of the best ones I found in internet. Course helped me understanding Android

Great teacher. Excellent quality videos. The long form is superb.


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