Thanks Mitch, I understand whats and whys.

I want to thank you, really it's amazing courses especially the Local Database Cache with REST API and REST API with MVVM and Retrofit2 but unfortunately, you stop doing Jave courses, this will prevent me to buy any courses in the future.

I have completed the Dagger2 course and really understand whats and whys. Thanks you

All of your videos are great. I learned so much from your videos. Thank you so much!

All courses are awesome, It helped me to understand the core concepts for advanced Android topics. It has taken my knowledge to next level. Great Job!

Very good, structured courses! Very like it! As said earlier - simply the best!

I am following Mitch since a couple years. His tutorials helped me a lot to find a job as Android Developer (Design Patterns, DI, Tests.....). Just thanks a lot Mitch.

Thumbs up I love your courses they are pretty straight forward and stunning. Thanks for the free UI test course

Mitch help me a lot with dagger course.

You are the best teacher Mitch.Nothing seems difficult to learn with you.Thanks mate

Amazing courses!

Good work in co-routines.... Going for daggers

Great android courses! Mitch helped me a lot with the Dagger2 issues.

I learnt Dagger 2 from you thanks.

you are the best android teacher I have ever seen.

Very Talented and professional and so simple and organized, I very appreciate your effort and thanks very much cause you one of the reasons that made me understand and love the android more ♥

your course are amazing, I really appreciate your work. Thank you so much.

Yeah you are a really good teacher. And I like the way you burp! It makes me to concentrate! Please, BURP MORE!!!

Thank you so much Mitch! I would be wrong to not recommend you to any person out there who is struggling to learn Android Development. The best part about Mitch's courses is that they are not "beginner" level, nor so advance beyond our understanding. These courses are exactly what you need when you need once you take beginner courses and actually try to build apps. And I also admit that I've used chunks of codes from mitch's examples into my actual projects now. Once I get stuck into something, I go back to the app that I made watching Mitch's lectures and I just solve the problem in my real app. Thank you so much Mitch.

Knowledge is power . You are giving me priceless knowledge through your videos . Thanks a lot respected teacher .

You are absolutely Gem teacher/trainer. I learnt a lot from your courses. I really appreciate your effort which you put to create line by line videos. You are doing a faboulous job for community. No one can beat Mitch to an Android side.

I have followed many resources to learn Android but, your courses are the ones I loved the most because the content you create is very simple to understand and yet covers all the details. I really appreciate the work you are doing, keep it up.

I really appreciated all the video you make.really helped me a lot in android development.keep it up good work sir.

Mitch is gr8 guy!!!! His courses helped me a lot to gain lot of knowledge.

Mitch is a great guy!!!

Best resources out there for learning dagger 2.

The best free contents to learn advance Dagger. This helped me a lot in my project

I'm very happy with Mitch's tutorials, they're easy to follow and I learn a lot. I'm also very happy to be able to download them so I can watch them on my daily commute. Highly recommended.

Honestly your tutorials took me to next lvl of developing, helped out to discipline my architectures , thank you so much

Very helpful lectures. Thank you, Mitch

The Powerful Android Apps with Jetpack Architecture has to be the best android course that I have ever learned. I have been a android developer for 5 years and iOS developer for 2 years but I have never made the jump to android architectures or got into jetpack that much. The courses in this site helped me grow my knowledge on design patterns and the android framework as a whole. Definitely looking forward to the courses that mitch has in store for us and hopefully I can get a high caliber mobile dev job which will put the skills I learned from these courses to good use.

Dear Mitch, Thanks for making video. I have seen u r making very helpful video for us. Its easy to understand, ur way of explanation is excellent. I have learnt many topics from ur video. Keep it up. Thanks :)

Really liked the Dagger2 course, helped me very much... Great instructor :)

Thank you Mitch for helping us understand these frameworks you've been great help

Watching your dagger tutorial and its great. Thanks

Amazing, in just few videos i can say you have done the amazing job making these tutorials. Thanks man.

i found what i was looking for in your courses specially dagger 2 so thank you soo much

Good job! Keep going!

I stared watching your videos since I watched your instagram clone tutorial and I have to say, you are the best Android tutor I have even seen. I have watched many videos on MVVM, MVI, RxJava, RxAndroid, Coroutines on Kotlin, Architectural Components(Navigation), Unit testing, UI testing etc on many websites and I didn't get a clear idea on any of these until I watched your videos. So, thank you very much and keep posting these awesome videos.

I love your dagger 2 and Rx java tutorials.Thank you for the tutorials.


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