Highly Recommended!!! Your Content helps me to get a Job as an Android developer Bravoooo Thanks

Man of knowledge I would say.

Really nice content, I would like even more If you can speak slow down because sometimes is hard heard you and write code at the same time. But the content is amazing!!

Hey Mitch, You are really doing a great job. I have learned a lot from your course.please do more videos .Thank you

You are a man of knowledge.

Great content and explanation. Please keep it up!

Hey Mitch, I really like the way you structure your courses and how you explain things, very easy to understand. Thank you

Thank you Mitch

Hey Mitch, Your video lectures are of great quality content that helped me a lot in getting through some of the most difficult topics of android. I wish you great future ahead.

Hey Mitch, You are really doing a great job. I have learned alot from your course. RxJava and Dagger2 course are the one which upgraded my skills to a next level. Your contents are amazing and your practical examples are excellent. Thank you for being a awesome technical teacher. BIG THANK YOU!!

Hola Mitch, actualmente estoy viendo tus cursos que hablan acerca de dagger y estoy aprendiendo demasiado, gracias y saludos a todos!!! :)

Mitch, You helped a lot to me in building up my android skills. Happy Coding:)

great work . i m your fan .

Thank you bro

Great Teacher for beginners and pro's alike! keep it up!!!

I wouldn't be even a half good Android Developer without your lessons and videos. You are doing a great work Mitch!

Thank you Mitch, I'm new in jetpack library. your videos help me a lot

Mitch helped me to understand dagger. Very clear tutorials and explanation

Love how you explain every topic with real-world scenarios. You helped me to boost my android knowledge.

Mitch help me to learn hard topic like dagger. thank you.

Your Content is great. It is Properly Structured Cources

Thank you Mitch! You are my best Android Teacher! I wish you will have millions of android students! Thanks for the advanced UI course! Good luck mate!

You know,man.You are douing the great job.Not everyone can make such an exelent submission of information.Just remember about that no matter what.Thanks you a lot)

I Loved it. excellent explanation on Dagger or any topic. I am going to watch all ur tutorial.

I love the content, thanks for making Dagger2 video, it is very helpful for me to upgrade my skill

Hi, I like your courses, it's great to provide information, without overloading the brain)). Continue to create such cool tutorials). Thank you and good luck)

Hey Mitch, Thanks for making content on Dagger 2. It is very helpful. I will use this in the Android app that I am building for my startup. Lots of love to you.

High professional work, i much like you work especially the way you structure you code.The other thing i like the way you explain you concepts direct to the point and well explained,for sure i have gain much knowledge from you as a new android developer.Thank You! Mitch.

Dagger2.2 tutorial is awsome, please decrease price for indian people.


The Series of Dagger2 it's helped me a lot! Thanks Mitch.

I am from India and your course cost is looking costly for us. bz udemy.com give 1 year tutorial in $18. and ur 1 month tutorial i have paid $31+. Pls think on this.

Please make tutorial for KOTLIN Learning ASAP. and using Kotlin make any simple app. I am big fan of u .

Mitch help me in learning one of the hardest topics of android app development i.e Dependency injection using Dagger 2.

Best android video content I ever watch! Thanks Mitch!

Excellent tutorials on dagger 2. Thanks a lot, Mitch.

After some years struggling to learn Dagger on Android, due to different approaches for "Normal Dagger" and "Android Dagger", I found this website and in a few moments I finally understood the basics. Great work.

You are an awesome instructor. Excellent didactics and excellent course structure. Thanks for all your help here and on YouTube man!

thanks man

Thanks mitch you helped me alot in Dagger 2 course.


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