Learnt a lot about mvvm, rxjava and dagger 2 with your course. Keep it Up!!

I start to watch this videos in yt and i like so much i'll to pay for the membership in her site

Mitch makes a great job! The content is always of current interest, examples are clear and simple! Really amazing help in learning of Android OS development

Nice work! Learnt a lot :) 😇

Nice Videos! Learned a lot! Much thanks Mitch!! Please keeping sharing the best!!!

Helps me in improving the codebase.

I want to thank Mitch for taking his time to share his knowledge with others! His videos/courses are really great and he explains everything very detailed but still keeping it simple and fun in order to keep the viewers attention. He helped me to better understand RxJava and especially Dagger with which I had many problems before and other tutorials didn't explain as good as Mitch. Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Thank you Mitch for helping me to get my first job as android developper

Awesome dude! your stuffs are really helping me out a lot.Thanks for making such an amazing courses.I really appreciate your work and you.

Mitch make me crystal clear of some topic that confusing me and gave a suggestion for some things that need more research. Coding with Mitch is a step by step. Perfect.

Coding with Mitch is easily one of the best courses available for android.I came here for one course and ended with finishing all.Mitch creates all the applications from scratch explaining each and everything along the way and creates these finished applications that includes all edge cases, which I have never seen anywhere.For the price these courses are offered and the research Mitch has put into them,they are an absolute bargain.You'll save so much time and effort!

Muy bueno el curso de Dagger (https://codingwithmitch.com/courses/dagger22-android/) me ayudo mucho a entender este concepto.! Muy recomendable.. saludos.!

Mitch brought me to a modern android programming world, how to do latest cutting edge stuff, real fast.

Loved every bit of taking Mitch's courses. Love the pure approach to the topic . Very well explanation in theory and very well experienced instructor. Particularly Local DB Cache with Rest and MVVM courses has really helped me understand on a much deeper level why we do things the way we do. I have been developing for android for 2 years professionally and there is plenty to learn here.

Awesome person's awesome tutorials... I learned so many things from Mitch's videos, they are clearly explained and detailed with real examples.

Mitch puts out quality content. You must subscribe to his channel/join the Discord community if you want to learn the best practices in Android development. I learn from his courses in 5 hours what it would take me about 2 weeks+ to learn alone from fragmented internet resources. Support him

It's like android demystified

Thanks Thanks mitch , you save my life if was'nt you , i will stuck learn android development .....

Courses that Mitch gives me are amazing. You don't need to waste your precious time finding good quality tutorials. This is the best place to learn android!

Thanks Thanks Thanks!!!!! You helped me big time with Dagger 2 for Android. You demystified that mystry bro. Good Job

Mitch is awesome. All tutorials are explained totally understandably and in depth. It's usefull not only for totall beinners but also for developers that has some experience and are looking for improving their skills (especially MVVM courses you should watch! ). I can't wait new topics covered and I totally recommend watching Mitch's tutorials. Thanks for your work and sharing your knowledge Mitch!

Thank you for making such great content, you helped me learn a lot!

Thank you Mitch, I learned a lot from your tutorials !!

Thank you, your courses helped me a lot

Thank you a lot great job!

I've found the best in depth videos at Mitch. Like RxJava, Google Maps, Dagger. All are explained brilliantly. Thx.

Moving to Android programming from PHP, jQuery. The way Mitch explains in his courses are great. His code examples on GitHub are easily understandable. Thx Mitch, you are a great help.

Mitchell Tabian is Just Amazing just the way he is I'm so Thankful Mitch you are astonishing Sir

as always Mitch produces great content weather you are a beginner or an experienced. He does the homework for you and presents the details in a simplest way.

Simply your are amazing mitch. Your every video touches my heart... :-p great personality and amazing teaching skills.

I tried understanding dagger before on my own using documentation and videos but i was never able to figure it out ! Thanks to Mitch i was able to understand it and integrate it in a class project that i'm continuing for release ! Great job to him

I love his courses, soon joining as a member

Great work, keep it!

I studied dagger in various online materials but i couldn't understand completely .I thank Mitch for making complex dagger into a simple and easy thing to learn. Keep doing new courses in future as well. All the best Mitch.

Your Android Dagger course is really good. Every time I searched for Dagger topics I stumbled across the old way of coding and the Android Dagger way and it became a mess in my head. Your course helped me to understand the differences and learn faster. Thank you very much!

Your dagger course was exactly what I was looking for. The way you explained was amazing and now I really have some good concepts. Grateful for the time you spent on this course. Hoping you would come up with more great stuff.

I learned so much from you. Thank you for amazing courses.

Your dagger course is pretty amazing and awesome, you are a HERO to present this framework by this amount of clearness and professionally

Watching Mitch's youtube videos on dagger and really finding them useful and well organise. He makes it really easy to understand. Keep it up Mitch.

Great content and presentation. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn or improve their Android skills.


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