Coding with mitch provides insights on valuable developer patterns!

Thanks for a great tutorial you had created. i learn a lot. Can't wait for next project.

All of the Tutorial and Course is really powerful. good job man!


I have learnt a lot from Mitch. His Courses are detailed and systematic. I'm glad I visited his website, codingwithmitch.com .

Bought a couple of courses from UDemy for a cheaper price. Cost me my time because those courses were crap. They were crap because they just told you what to write, they did not explain what's going on. Mitch is da bomb! His videos are concise and he teaches you what you need to learn. How things work and what's going on. So, you're not lost in the future and can replicate what he is doing. Thank you for being a great teacher! Wish you the best!

Clear explanation in every line of code, very helpful. I think I can improve my skills by means of your tutorials. Thanks bro, keep going like this <^^>

He's completely ok

I am not a verified member of this website, but still i learned a lot from all the free videos Mitch has made so far.. I also got 2 paid projects after learning android and exo media blog post. Surely i will become a verified member one day and would learn what Mitch has stored for us in all the paid courses...

You are great

I just finished my college which I received my undergraduate degree in IT specialist in security, but it is hard to find a job as penetration testing, most of the companies want expert employers, so I decided to be Android developer and your videos are very worthy and hope that i manage to be android developer and find a job

I have been following mitch since last the few years and I have to say that I have learnt alot. Friendly guy with awesome explaining skills

I am learning many things from you and your video, you are a lifesaver bro. Thanks for everything.

I have learned a lot from this and your other great tutorials that now I am interviewing for a Android developer jobs and not to forget I have no college degree yet. I can't thank you enough.

You are great, your tutorials easy to understand.


Mitch you're amazing man... i'm amazed like very much ...you are the best ....

Man you're the best...I really love how you deeply explain everything to us.

I'm not great at this so i'll keep it short. Mitch is awesome. I recommend his videos whenever someone asks me for great android videos.

I love the fact that he explains everything in java. Otherwise I would have to learn Kotlin just so I could understand the videos

Clear, Step-by-Step and professional. Really love it. I am a beginner and his techniques, way of explaining things is helping a lot. I hope for more content!

Mitch's work is great for all levels of developers. As me being a beginner, he breaks down the problem and explains why things work the way they do and builds knowledge from the ground up so I get a full understanding of the development. Thanks Mitch!

High quality tutorials from a talented teacher

Your tutorials are completely different from anything that's out there. Best qualities of your tutorials can be listed as: 1. Amazing voice and video quality 2. Great explanation 3. Organized planning of each and every course 4. Clean code writing 5. Organizing files and folders in big projects and many more.. you teach people all that in every one of your courses and that's what makes you stand out .. keep doing the amazing work

Good teacher, I love watching your lessons because they are so educational.

Well done πŸ‘. I learnt so many great things and ways of doing difficult task simple.I think he is the best. Actually he has changed my coding style πŸ“ to a new levelπŸ“ˆ.

Your teaching style is best. I understand each and everything from your You Tube tutorials. I started learning Android I had a lot of trouble, i Build confidence watching your you tube video i subscribe your channel then i clear all Android studio ,i get Sqlite Database Course ,Good Teaching Explain everything ,,Great Work and You r great sir t Sir I Follow all Your Tuto

Great courses, well understandable for absolute beginners as well.

Like your style in teaching and coding, valuable content, learned a lot from you.

Excellent courses. Understandable for experienced as well as beginners. Responsive to queries.

Your gave me the strength I needed to take the next step toward my dream of being a better developer.

The day i came across Mitchell's channel was the day i regained hope of becoming a real world android developer. He teaches key concepts with a whiff towards building real world applications. He's the best I've come across ever πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Great teaching, great content. Probably the best method I have seen to learn Android!

You have an excellent teaching style. Your code looks complex when starting but then you explain every detail,and always invite questions and/or comments. Always releasing new tutorials and videos. A real treasure.

Awesome and always latest content with industry standards.

The content is really awesome. Its easy to follow and you explain well.

Your teaching style is best. I understand each and everything from your tutorials. Thank for making these contents I really appreciate this. Thabk you sir.πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

Dude is an angel in my life. I joined an It company without any senior developers and was getting my ass handed to me on a daily basis. Finally I started following his tutorials and I got into live apps in my third month there. Thanks a lot. I don't earn much now but I will pay for one of your courses for sure.


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You are great

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The best

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You are great sir. You clearly teach every less...

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Quality content & great at explaining concepts.

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You are simply the best!

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Your teaching skills are lit .Easy to the under...

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When I started learning Android I had a lot of ...

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I really find the stuff great.

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Good job , I really like it

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Dude is an angel in my life. I joined an It com...

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