Build a Reddit App

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A step-by-step guide to build an Android App that integrates with's open source API

For those of you who are not familiar with, it's considered "The Front Page of the Internet". They have hundreds (if not thousands) of subreddits where users can browse content categories ranging from "funny" to "politics". Often even celebrities will log onto and answer questions that fans might have.

In this video course I show you how to build your own Reddit App. The App integrates with the websites open source API.

The course covers a TON of topics. Here is a list of concepts we go over:

  1. RSS Feeds

  2. Parsing XML with Retrofit Library (extracting information from a website)

  3. Parsing JSON with Retrofit Libary (posting and extracting information from a website)

  4. POST requests with Retrofit Library

  5. GET requests with Retrofit Library

  6. Integrating an Android App with an existing webstie API (Reddit open source API)

  7. Logging into your Reddit Account using the App

  8. Viewing and Posting content to from the app

  9. Multi-Column ListViews

  10. ListAdapters

  11. Toolbars, Navigation Bars, Menus

  12. Passing data between activities with intents

  13. CardViews

  14. WebViews

  15. Basic Android Material Design

And best of all, the course is 100% FREE and will always be free!

Source Code: Reddit App Source Code

You own this course.

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