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Sending Firebase Cloud Messages using a Cloud Function


Learn to send push notifications to specific app users with Firebase Cloud Messaging and Firebase Cloud Functions.

Usually I only produce video content but I decided to try something new. Check out my newest Android tutorial here: Sending Firebase Cloud Messages using a Cloud Function

The Ultimate List of Software Developer Blogs


Guess how many blog posts are made each day?

You probably weren't even close. The answer is over 2 million. After doing some quick math that means there's over 23 posts published per second!

So what does that mean for you as a software developer (or aspiring software developer)?

That means it's extremely difficult to find good information. With so much volume how do you filter through the stuff you're not interested in?

As far as I know, a “master list” of all the best software developer blogs does not exist. You can find small language specific lists, but nothing that contains a large quantity of different languages. I've taken the liberty of producing this "master-list" and published it here on simpleprogrammer.com. I know I know, you can hardly wait to thank me.

Before you do, take a look and tell me if I missed anything.

Android Classifieds App Course with Firebase and ElasticSearch


Short Description:

What you'll learn in this course:
  1. How to build an Android "Classifieds App" where user's can search for items to buy and post items to sell.
  2. Integrate Firebase Database
  3. Integrate Firebase Cloud-Storage
  4. Integrate Firebase Authentication (Email & Password)
  5. Building and Deploying Firebase Cloud-Functions
  6. Integrating ElasticSearch
  7. Copying data from your Firebase Database to your ElasticSearch Server using a Firebase Cloud-Function
  8. Querying your ElasticSearch Server

Detailed Description:

Firebase is an incredible technology but it has one short-coming that stands out.

There's no way to search for Strings unless you know the exact spelling. For example: if I'm searching for a car to buy and I don't know what color I want, I might just search the keyword "car". If you search the Firebase database the only things you'll see are titles or descriptions that match "car" exactly.

But there's a pretty straight-forward solution to this problem. We can integerate a tool called "ElasticSearch" to greatly improve the search functionality. So if we use the car example from above, if you made that same search with ElasticSearch, you would get all kinds of results. You'd see things like:

  • blue car
  • red car
  • white car
  • black car
  • used car
  • new car
  • Literally anything with the word "car" in it.

I think it's pretty easy to see that this is far superior search functionality as compared to using a Firebase Query.

All source code will be provided on my Github and you can watch the course free on CodingWithMitch or on YouTube.

Android on Firebase: User Email Authentication and Verification


Start your free trial at Pluralsight.com to watch the course: Click Here!

Short Description:

Firebase is an emerging technology that targets mobile development. This course features the Firebase Authentication tool where you'll learn to integrate the cloud-based user management system.

Detailed Description:

Almost every mobile application needs a user management system. And building a user management system can eat up development time in a hurry. Firebase focuses on building cloud-based tools that improve quality of life for developers. The tools are easy to integrate into existing projects and will save you a ton of time on new projects. The Firebase Authentication tool is arguably the most useful of the Firebase tools because you can use it in almost every application you build. When you're finished this course you'll be able to build an Android application that can register users, sign-in users, send verification emails, restrict app-access to authenticated users, improve user security, and manage user account properties.

Android Google Maps & Google Places Course


Get the course here

This course will provide an introduction to the the Google Maps API and the Google Places API.

Here are some of the concepts we'll be going over in detail:

  • How to Enable Google Maps and Google Places API in your Android Projects
  • Finding the devices last known location
  • Geolocating
  • Finding a location address based on a search string
  • Acquiring latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Location Autocomplete text suggestions
  • Adding Markers to a Google Map
  • Adding Marker Info Windows that contain:
    • Location Address
    • Phone Number
    • Website Url
    • Price Rating
  • Implementing a Place Picker Dialog

All Source Code will be available here: Source Code

One video will be released Monday - Friday every day until all videos are available. The first video will be posted Oct 3, 2017 and last video will be posted Oct 17, 2017.

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