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Android on Firebase: User Email Authentication and Verification


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Short Description:

Firebase is an emerging technology that targets mobile development. This course features the Firebase Authentication tool where you'll learn to integrate the cloud-based user management system.

Detailed Description:

Almost every mobile application needs a user management system. And building a user management system can eat up development time in a hurry. Firebase focuses on building cloud-based tools that improve quality of life for developers. The tools are easy to integrate into existing projects and will save you a ton of time on new projects. The Firebase Authentication tool is arguably the most useful of the Firebase tools because you can use it in almost every application you build. When you're finished this course you'll be able to build an Android application that can register users, sign-in users, send verification emails, restrict app-access to authenticated users, improve user security, and manage user account properties.

Android Google Maps & Google Places Course


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This course will provide an introduction to the the Google Maps API and the Google Places API.

Here are some of the concepts we'll be going over in detail:

  • How to Enable Google Maps and Google Places API in your Android Projects
  • Finding the devices last known location
  • Geolocating
  • Finding a location address based on a search string
  • Acquiring latitude and longitude coordinates
  • Location Autocomplete text suggestions
  • Adding Markers to a Google Map
  • Adding Marker Info Windows that contain:
    • Location Address
    • Phone Number
    • Website Url
    • Price Rating
  • Implementing a Place Picker Dialog

All Source Code will be available here: Source Code

One video will be released Monday - Friday every day until all videos are available. The first video will be posted Oct 3, 2017 and last video will be posted Oct 17, 2017.

Could "DTube" Replace YouTube?

Could DTube Replace YouTube?

If your like I was, you've never even heard of anything called "DTube." And is there anything in the world YouTube should be afraid of? It's truly a monstrous platform with a stranglehold on the video publishing market.

It's my opinion that YouTube may actually have a new competitor in the near future.

This new video sharing platform known as DTube, is built on Steemit's infrastructure. Never heard of Steemit? Steemit is a social blogging website where people can share content, very similar to Youtube, but without video publishing. They essentially make blog posts under categories where other users can search them out. If I were to give an analogy, Steemit is like if YouTube.com and Reddit.com had a baby. Steemit runs on top of a BlockChain database known as "Steem".

In the last several months a developer from France named Adrien M has been building a video sharing framework for Steemit. It's just recently been made available to the public.

So your probably thinking, big deal? What does YouTube have to worry about? If you know whats been going on with YouTube creators and their ad revenue lately, you know that many creators have had their ad revenue cut in half due to censorship issues. With DTube there is absolutely zero censorship and there never will be. Now of course creators can't expect to make what they were making on YouTube on this new platform, but if it grows, they potentially could.

Another very interesting detail about DTube is that the pay-outs are 100% crypto-currency. There is no ads. Creators are paid for engagement and views on their videos in STEEM dollars (which is approximately equivalent to U.S. dollars.

It's a new model we've never seen before and I'm very excited to see where this new platform goes in the future. Check out the video below where creator "pressfortruth" interviews the creator of DTube.

STEEMIT: https://steemit.com

DTube: https://dtube.video

Connect with me on DTube: https://dtube.video/c/mitchtabian

New App We've Been Building

Check out the new Android App we've been building with a partner

The last month or so we've been working with a partner building a new video sharing application for Android.

The app allows users to share short 6-second videos with their friends. Their friends are then able to contribute to the videos, creating a story. Stories are formally known as "Pentaloom's" and can be at most 30 seconds long with 5 contributing videos.

Get it on GooglePlay

Question: "Can we count on Firebase for 'real-world apps'?"


This was another question from YouTube and I thought it was a great one.

Regarding Firebase - I think they're just starting to scratch the surface of whats possible with it. I think it's going to be very dominant in the future. It's literally a "one-stop-shop" for everything needed in mobile development. The features it has are incredible and sooooo easy to use. The stuff there doing with Crash Reporting and Testing alone are amazing in themselves. Check out the video below from Google I/O about what there doing regarding device testing. HUGE quality of life improvement for developers.

I hesitate to use it right now for large scale apps (with a lot of users - and therefore a lot of data) ONLY because it's still kind of new. And when something is new there isn't a lot of data out there as to how reliable it is large scale.

I'm assuming it's still awesome with 100 users and 1,000,000 users but the data just isn't there.

And no I don't think it's going anywhere like Parse did - Firebase is Parse's modern replacement.

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